Shark Attacks

We are trying to bring a common sense look at Shark Attacks for ordinary people that use or plan to use the oceans for recreational activities or harvesting resources.

Shark Attack Fatalities 

UnProvoked and Non-Unprovoked for the year 2008.

The Musem Shark Attack File have stated there were fifty-five Unprovoked Shark Attacks around the world with four being fatal Shark Attacks according to their investigation. s following the guidelines


According to guidelines set forth by the ten-member board of Elasmobranch researchers, conservationalist  and stakeholders the following four Shark Attacks Fatalities have been Confirmed to be Unprovoked Shark Attacks in 2008.

04/28/2008 Adrian Ruiz (Mexico) ***Fatal***

A U.S. man died after a shark attacked him while he was surfing off Mexico’s southern Pacific coast, authorities in the southern state of Guerrero said Tuesday. 

The San Francisco man bled to death on Monday after a gray shark bit his right thigh, leaving a 15-inch wound, the Guerrero state Public Safety Department said in a statement. 

04/08/2008 Peter Edmonds (Australia) ***Fatal***

A 16-year-old surfer has died after being attacked by a shark off the NSW north coast.

The boy died at North Wall Beach at Ballina after suffering large bites to the leg and body, a Surf Life Saving NSW spokesman says.

05/23/2008 Osvaldo Mata Valdovinos (Mexico) ***Fatal***

A surfer was killed by a shark off Mexico’s Pacific coast, a mere 6 miles (10 kilometers) from a beach where an American man died in a similar attack last month, authorities said.

Osvaldo Mata Valdovinos, 21, was attacked Friday while surfing off Pantla beach west of Acapulco, said local Civil
Protection Director Jaime Vazquez Sobreira. The shark bit off his left hand and broke one of his legs,

04/25/2008 David Martin (California) ***Fatal***

Miller said two swimmers were about 20 yards ahead of the man when they heard him scream for help. A witness told 10News that someone yelled “shark”.

The swimmmers turned around and dragged him back to shore. He was declared dead at 7:49 a.m., Miller said.



Now all the papers, websites, social media, shark experts, Discovery, Nat Geo, every living room shark attack expert. They repeat these figures of four fatal attacks as if there were only four fatal shark attacks. Which is untrue there were many more people killed, eaten by sharks in 2008 they just never became Unprovoked.


At the beginning of the following year, they release their yearly report of how many shark attacks match the guidelines for their study. In 2008 out of all the fatalities, they found four fatal shark attacks they might study to learn more about the sharks that attacked a human.

Now all the papers, websites, social media, shark experts, Discovery, Nat Geo, every living room shark attack expert. They repeat these figures of four fatal attacks as if there were only four fatal shark attacks. Which is untrue there were many more people killed, eaten by sharks in 2008 they just never passed the Unprovoked process.,


Now we will display the Non-Unprovoked Shark Attacks Fatalities for 2008.

The following are people who were killed or eaten by sharks in 2008 but did not meet the Museum Guidelines so they all become Non-Unprovoked Shark Attacks Fatalities in 2008.

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12/27/2008 Brian Guest (Western Australia ) ***Fatal***

Brian was snorkeling with his son, not far from shore possibly collecting some crabs. Something grabbed Brian and thrashed him around. When the commotion was over there was a bunch of blood in the water but Brian was gone. That’s right a total consumption case. Some total consumption shark attack fatalities do become Unprovoked Shark Attack Fatalities, most do not and fall in the Non-Unprovoked classification

02/24/2008 Markus Groh (Bahamas) ***Fatal***

Markus Groh was on one of them shark ecotourism dive trips. The trips where you go to known large shark populations swim around with sharks. Markus didn’t get an Unprovoked Shark Attack status, because the tour operator was feeding fish. Guidelines Violated: Someone was feeding or luring fish with a scent while diving activities were taking place. Talking about some strong stakeholders there is not one Unprovoked Shark Attack on a human participating in this type of SCUBA Diving Activity. Hundreds to thousands of Non-Unprovoked Shark Attacks have occurred to people participating in this SCUBA Diving Activity. Non-Unprovoked Shark Attacks teasing sharks with food for the amusment of humans.  

05/15/2008 Aisake Sadole (Figi) ***Fatal***

Aisake Sadole went for a night dive with friends. The friends returned to shore and Aisake was not on shore. The divers returned to the water to try and find him and they did. He had shark bite wounds and bleed to death. If someone had witnessed the attack it would be an UnProvoked Shark Attack. Being it was not witnessed he could have provoked the shark to attack. Non-Unprovoked Shark Attacks    

08/30/2008 Kameron Brown ( Hawaii ) ***Fatal***

A Great White shark was spotted today about an eighth-of-a-mile from where Big Island firefighters found tattered board shots belonging to a missing 27-year-old swimmer. The white shorts appeared to have teeth marks in them, said Battalion Chief Darren Rosario. “The shorts were torn with strong evidence that a shark had hit it,” Rosario said. “They had teeth patterns like a shark bite.”

11/07/2008 Joel Bacud ( Philippines ) ***Fatal***

A fisherman died after a hungry shark nibbled on his body off the coastal town of Paoay in Ilocos Norte, Thursday afternoon. Coastal villagers found the mutilated body of Joel Bacud, 38, of Barangay Callaguip, floating on the sea near his fishing boat. The shark gnawed Bacud’s torso and arm, instantly killing the fisherman,

11/10/2008 Chen Te-hsing ( Tawian) ***Fatal*** 

Only nine crew members were rescued by yesterday noon, with 18 still missing. One of the rescued crew told reporters that he had seen one of his colleagues, 45-year-old Taiwanese citizen Chen Te- hsing being attacked and bitten by a shark. The other fishermen held on to Chen for hours, but the loss of blood sent him into shock, the eyewitness said. One person appeared to have been killed by a shark. It really doesn’t matter boating accidents and shark attacks are Not-Investigated.

12/00/2008 Darryl Kriel ( Mozambique Africa ) ***Fatal***

During December 2008, Darryl Kriel was attacked by a shark whilst spearfishing at Chidenguele in southern Mozambique. He was spearfishing with a local spearo on a shore dive when the attack took place. He was in shallow water when he was bitten on the upper part of his leg. The attack was fatal and our condolences go to his family and friends.

06/28/2008 Nathan Labarios ( Hawaii ) ***Fatal*** Human remains with what appeared to be shark bite marks were found in the area where an opihi picker was reported missing Saturday, according to Big Island police.

A Fire Department statement said rescue divers taken by county helicopter to the site yesterday found shredded shorts and an opihi bag in the sea.  A second dive “found more definitive evidence of party’s fate,

05/24/2008 Refugee (Bahamas) ***Fatal***

More bodies could be found following Sunday night’s grisly discovery of four Haitians floating in waters near West End, Grand Bahama. When Riviera Beach-based Gulfstream Eagle Captain Mark Rose arrived at the scene, he and his crew found two men and one woman floating near a capsized boat. One had been ravaged by a shark. They later found a fourth body floating nearby.

04/18/2008 Joram Galleros Villanueva ( Mexico ) ***Fatal***

Found the body of a bather without arms, feet and part of the face, is the first attack by a shark at a bather in Quintana Roo The body of a bather, aged 32, was found Sunday on the beaches of this tourist destination, with wounds caused by the shark attack, Civil Defense reported in this municipality.

08/21/2008 4 Bodies sharks had fed on (Florida) ***Fatal

The only thing the authorities in the Keys can say for sure is that four corpses were found floating offshore a week ago. The men carried no identification, said the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, which is investigating. Authorities believe that the men started out together, perhaps on the same boat. But it will not be easy to determine who they were, much less how they wound up in the water, where they may have spent three days. Their bodies showed signs that sharks had fed on them.

These type attacks where a boat crashes or plane crashes in the sea and people are attacked, killed, or eaten are usually not investigated. If they are investigated they would be a Non-Unprovoked Shark Attack or Not-Investigated

00/00/2008 4 unconfirmed ( South Africa ) ***Fatal 4 ***

Although this is just a rumor at the time there are times more information becomes available.

“If you’re hungry, you got no food on the table, you’re going to go find it somewhere,” he says. “A lot of guys turn to poaching and they swim out to Dyer Island which is about a 1.2 kilometre swim out. It’s the great white shark capital of the world. So now and again one or two of them are bound to get mistaken for a seal.”

We are not sure if these became Non-Unprovoked Shark Attack or Not-Investigated.