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Not-Unprovoked Shark Attacks

The Not-Unprovoked Shark Attacks are the shark attacks that for some reason did not meet one or several of the long list of guidelines required to make it an Unprovoked Shark Attack. 

Stakeholders, shark researchers, government officials, tourism officials, user groups, social media, shark conservation movements all love the Not-Unprovoked Shark Attacks. These Shark Attacks don’t get recorded as an Unprovoked Shark Attack. So they never show up in any statistics, shark researchers never reference them and many of them fade away as never happening.

We are going to show you a small sampling of a few shark attacks that are Not-Unprovoked Shark Attacks.

02/11/2009 Navy Diver Paul Degelder ( Australia )

A Navy Diver attacked while on duty. Everything was documented he nor anyone else did anything to provoke the attack. The Australian Shark Attack File has him listed as an Unprovoked Shark Attack. He Lost an Arm and Leg.

We set everything the same as we did from the Australian Shark Attack File into The New Unprovoked Shark Attack Interactive Map

The year is set 2008 – 2009.

The Shark Species – Bull

Location -anywhere in SE Australia in 2008 – 2009

According to The New Unprovoked Shark Attack Interactive Map, there is no Unprovoked Shark Attack by a Bull shark anywhere in SE Australia in 2008 – 2009.

The large file does not investigate shark attacks on military personnel that occurred while the person was on duty.

They do a pretty good job of trying to get most of us to forget all the military personnel that have been injured, killed, or consumed by sharks in the past. 

If Military personnel was investigated there would thousands upon ten of thousands more shark attacks added that would never become Unprovoked Shark Attacks anyway even though none of the military personal provoked the sharks.

Rodney Fox 1963

Everyone has seen the picture of Rodney Fox after his attack.



Under the guidelines Speros makes the shark attack a Not-Unprovoked Shark Attack. At one time Rodney’s attack was used in statistics, but then he got kicked out.

In 2013 Hawaii had 2 shark attack deaths but the map only displays one unprovoked shark attack fatality

Jana Litteropp shark attack passed all the guidelines and confirmation procedures.

08/14/2013 – Jana Litteropp – Hawaii *** Fatal *** Unprovoked Shark Attack


12/02/2013 – Patrick Briney – Hawaii – *** Fatal *** Not-Unprovoked Shark Attacks.

Patrick Briney did something any of us might do. Rents a Kayak puts a fishing rod in it and paddles around a little. Stops to take a rest put his feet in the water and may or may not have put a small lure in the water to catch small 6″ baitfish . Shark grabs his leg and kills him right there.  

He was in a kayak, a kayak is considered a vessel and he was fishing for little tiny fish.

Under Unprovoked Shark Attack guidelines, the shark was attacking the vessel, not the human. The shark attack is a Not-Unprovoked Shark Attack Fatality. 


09/12/2009 Richard A. Snead (North Carolina) ***Fatal***

As you read Richards information you will totally get confused and possibly see things that took place to protect the stakeholders in North Carolina.

The medical examiner found tissue at bite locations that confirmed his heart was beating when he was attacked.

The new guideline to keep this a Not-unprovoked shark attack was when the shark grabbed Richard it pulled him to the bottom and he drowned “accidental drowning”, not a shark attack or the few seconds after he stopped breathing, but his heart was still beating the shark scavenged his not breathing, but heart beating dead body.

The map below shows all the 2009 Shark Attacks Fatalities and where they are located, nothing for North Carolina.


For 2009 there was only 1 Unprovoked Shark Attack in North Carolina   


Fatal Shark Attack – Puff Gone!

Unprovoked and Not-Unprovoked Fatal Shark Attacks