About Us

Here at Shark Attacks, we shark attack survivors from around the world and friends. We all came together to come up with the fees to purchase the sharkattacks.net domain. The second most expensive TLD for shark attacks.

We got lucky being we have a network of shark and shark attack websites.

We have been building a network of mostly severe shark attack survivors to act as mentors for the new survivor and family members.

We have been building a network of worldwide shark attack investigators and councilors all in one.

With the Shark Smart champaign going in full swing now. Us shark attack survivors need to become involved in educating others with our first hand experiences.

This domain our sister sites, brother and sister survivors, our friends and concerned ocean users we hope to bring Shark Attacks to you from the Victims view, which could be you, your next visit to the water world.

We encourage you to sign up for our newsletter as more and more shark attack topics we explain from our first-hand experiences you will want to stay updated.