Do you Understand what an Unprovoked Shark Attack is?

This information was assembled trying to explain to my fellow shark attacks survivors why their shark attacks were not being listed or counted in any statistics?

Most of the time in the marine biological circle “Unprovoked Shark Attacks” are defined as incidents where an attack on a live human occurs in the shark’s natural habitat with no human provocation of the shark. 

Of course, all this must be scientifically investigated to ensure each shark attack meets certain scientific requirements for biological studies of sharks.

A ten-member board of Elasmobranch (Shark, Skate, Ray) Researchers, Conservationist and Stakeholders devised guidelines to Find or Hide certain Shark Attacks for their studies of Unprovoked Shark Attacks and help stakeholders interest.

This type of shark attack is the strictest classification of shark attack there is. Only about half of us shark attack victims will be able to prove our shark attack was an “Unprovoked Shark Attack” and get everything “Confirmed.”

The shark and the person attacked has to do everything just right and so do any other humans in the area.

There is a long list of guidelines that must be met to get your shark attack documented as an unprovoked shark attack. You need to have pictures, doctor’s reports, witness statements. Some of the guidelines are very strict while others are relaxed. You don’t even have to be injured to get an Unprovoked Shark Attack.

For stakeholders having an Unprovoked Shark Attack at your location or while a person is participating in a stakeholders activity can be terrible for business, and it gets recorded in United States of America Shark Attack File for eternity as an Unprovoked Shark Attack.

Every beach location or water activity would love to say they have never had an Unprovoked Shark Attack.

Look at this picture below you can see my little dot. Only a shark attack that has been investigated and found to be a confirmed unprovoked shark attack can get a dot on this map and be recorded in history as an Unprovoked Shark Attack. 

Al Brenneka Unprovoked Shark Attack Location

The picture above shows Lemon Shark checked, the year 1976 -1977 and Non-fatal at my attack location Delray Beach Florida USA. That’s me Al Brenneka a 1976 Lemon Shark Attack Survivor – Right arm amputation from by a seven foot Lemon Shark while Surfing.

Important Please Read

There is another type of Shark Attack other than the Unprovoked Shark Attack which has thousands of more people that have been attacked by Sharks, but they just never passed the “Unprovoked Shark Attack Guidelines”. These are real shark attacks people die, are injured or even consumed by sharks, they are what we call “Not-Unprovoked Shark Attacks”.

We have two types of shark attacks


1. Confirmed Unprovoked Shark Attacks – Used for biological studies of the sharks and stakeholders interest.

2. All the others we call Not-Unprovoked Shark Attacks. They are of no interest to the biological studies of the sharks, but extremely important for ocean users. Not-Unprovoked Shark Attacks

If you are someone that actually uses the water for recreation or harvesting resources you will definitely want to learn about the Not-Unprovoked Shark Attacks.

Please follow the link below to learn about the ” Not-Unprovoked ” Shark Attacks.

Not-Unprovoked Shark Attacks

(The New Unprovoked Shark Attack Interactive Map)