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Unprovoked Shark Attacks 

The power of the word “unprovoked” used in shark attacks. We hope you get a better understanding of this word and learn to avoid shark attack information that only contains “unprovoked” incidents.

Ocean Users for your safety, question those supplying shark attack information as to what type of attacks they are referencing.

We know this gets confusing because there is so many figures, calculations, comparisons, research papers, news articles, websites, television shows, shark experts advice that are based on Confirmed to be Unprovoked Shark Attacks Only.

I tend to get lost reading shark attack information then have to remember when that word “unprovoked” or figures using “unprovoked” figures are used, but someone was too lazy to write the word “unprovoked” pop up, the information means so little for those entering the water

Do you understand what a “unprovoked” shark attack is?

I have to think of the Not-unprovoked attacks also, in turn, makes the entire stakeholder’s reports on Unprovoked Shark Attacks almost useless for ocean goers relying on this information to try and make an educated decision on entering the water.

I have opened up comments and questions because I know it is hard to understand.

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